Never Ending Dream

(TearRingSaga 尤特娜女神战记结束曲)

感谢: L.L提供

Compose: 立花 瞳(作曲) /   京田 诚一(编曲)
Words(歌词): Penny
Vocal(演唱): Liz Constantine(リズ·コンスタンティン)

Inside your pain and sorrow never ending dream /
Still lives close to your wounded heart /
Don’t fall apart let me hold you in my arms /
So you can rest your soul /

Drifting through the winds of time /
Feeling warmth of sweet memories /
You’ll realize you’re not all alone always /
I’ll be right here by your side /

Don’t be afraid, open the door to your heart you’ll find /
All the dreams that you believe it’s waiting for you /
Shining bright together we’ll make it true /

Feeling your love, there’s nothing to fear when you are near /
Through every season love grows you’re part of my life /
Live with you this precious moment forever /

I’m thinking of you always feeling you inside /
I hear only your gentle voice /
Your words of love when I close my eyes /
My heart can still feel your warm embrace /

I’m not afraid, every piece of my broken heart /
Shining bright showing the way I can see a new day /
And with you gonna find my tomorrow’s dream /

Feeling your love, bringing so much joy in to my life /
Through every season love grows you make me feel alive /
Share with you this precious moment forever /